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    With numerous production sites around the world, we can optimally react to the needs of our customers, operate close to their markets, and cost effectively produce and deliver their product.

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    We manufacture chassis mountings and special solutions for the automotive industry under the banner of comfort, safety and dynamic development.

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    We develop struts, steering and coupling rods for cars and commercial vehicles according to our customer’s individual specifications, through to serial production.

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    sealing systems
    Our commitment
    Keep it sealed

    The ELDISY Group manufactures elastomer sealing systems for various applications in the automotive, electrical and structural building industries.

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    Good mixed

    PTE are experts in the development and manufacture of high-quality rubber compounds. Their products are produced in Europe, Asia and America.

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    Staying in shape

    The Indian company Polybond manufactures molded rubber parts, which are used in the supply chain of ‘Vorwerk Autotec’ and ‘Vorwerk Drivetec’.


////// Strategic partner for the automotive industry

Renowned automobile manufacturers worldwide rely on quality products that are manufactured by Vorwerk & Sohn. As leading innovators in suspension technology, system components and materials, we provide our customers with global solutions that are ahead of their time – quick, reliable, and economical. When developing new products, we focus today on what the market demands of tomorrow will be. We always work to make first-class products better and identify trends in order to provide timely solutions. That's our strength. The benchmarks for our activities are the core requirements of automobile manufacturers: lightweight construction, acoustics, space optimisation, optimising of spring ratings and longevity. The results are high-tech components and systems that ensure safety and reliability along with driving comfort. Discover the diversity of our products and the broad development and manufacturing expertise of the Vorwerk & Sohn group.

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Axle / Systems Technology
  • Suspension bushing and rod-end bearings
  • Fluid and air flow elements
  • Bellows and spring pads
  • Feed throughs and separator protections
  • Switching elements
  • Sealing elements
  • Ventilation flaps and safety caps

Vorwerk Autotec develops and manufactures quality rubber and rubber-metal compound suspension bushings and special components for the automotive industry at numerous locations around the world.

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Suspension Assemblies
  • Rods
  • Control arms
  • Coupling rods
  • Assemblies
  • Axle components

Vorwerk Drivetec develops high quality axle systems, modules and assemblies for automobile and commercial vehicles, from within our numerous subsidiaries and production sites around the world.Vorwerk Autotec bearings and system components are of course utilized in all of these modules.

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Sealing systems
  • Windscreen frames
  • Edging profiles
  • Door sealings
  • Water stop profiles
  • Seals for household appliances
  • Door and window seals

ELDISY elastomer sealing systems are developed and produced for use in vehicle bodies, home appliances and the construction industries. The high quality designed functional components can be single- or multi-component parts that are manufactured from differing materials.

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Rubber and plastic components
  • Rubber moldings
  • Bonded rubber to metal components
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Silicone tubes and hoses
  • Extruded tubing

Our joint venture partner in India manufactures at two production sites from where rubber and plastic moldings are produced. These products are distributed throughout industry for use in automotive commercial vehicles, machines and mechanical plant construction.

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Rubber Compounds
  • Approximately 1,300 pool of raw materials
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Polymers, fluorines, silicones
  • Highest quality standards

The Polymer Polymertechnik Elbe is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of rubber compounds with production sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas and is a competent partner for the development of individual formulas.

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